I am Olga Culliney and I founded Ariadna in 2013. Originally from St Petersburg in Russia, I have lived in the UK since 2001 and prior to founding Ariadna I had worked for a number of high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals living in London.

Ariadna is much more than a concierge company, we see our business as an extension of our clients’ family or their partnership or company. People talk a lot about being available 24/7 but to us it is a way of life. If you change your plans over dinner in Singapore you want to wake up with confirmation of the changes and certainty over new arrangements. If your child has a problem at school, you want us to act as you would act even though you may be 1000 kilometres away. If you need that dress from the dry cleaners on Saturday morning then we will deliver it.

We do more, go further and understand you better than our concierge friends. We are not a call centre or a remote presence, we are real people at your side. We are different and we understand the importance of getting it right on time, first time, every time.

Please contact us and I will personally be delighted to explain what we can offer.