How we charge

Our services are bespoke to suit the needs of families and corporate clients but in simple terms we charge a monthly retainer which is set to cover all the anticipated needs of our clients. Beyond this we can bill on an hourly rate or a fixed fee.

As typical examples:

London based family requiring us to handle payment of bills, domestic staff, tutoring for children, household and car insurance, party organising, presents for friends and families, children’s parties, arrangement (and rearrangement) of holidays, etc £1,500 per month

London based Lady requiring essential lifestyle management with occasional services for adult children, £1,000 per month

Moscow based family visiting London a few times per year and with children at English boarding schools, £500 per month plus one off fees for large events

Law Partnership requiring concierge and lifestyle management for 12 senior Partners £5,000 per month

Professional services company with 70 staff requiring basic lifestyle management and concierge services £9,000 per month