What our clients say about us

Our clients are our currency, we are happy to provide references from a wide range of the families and corporate clients for whom we act.

“Refurbishing a house in Kensington is difficult at the best of times, to do it from Moscow is a challenge. Ariadna’s team have been outstanding, dealing with project managers, architects and lawyers to deliver our London home.”

Mrs X – Moscow

“Paying the bills, recruiting and organising domestic staff, dealing with our cars, holidays and parties. Ariadna are an extension of our family”

Mrs X – North West London

“Ariadna have made a real difference to our business, our partners value the time that they create.”

London based Law Practice

“When my daughter’s apartment was flooded Olga and her team found her alternative accommodation, arranged storage and then pursued the Landlord for compensation. They are proactive and tenacious, a real friend in time of trouble.”

Mrs X – Belgravia

“Ariadna are a value add, we have made their services available to our clients as a part of our retainer, a real USP”

London based Professional services company

“Seemingly simple things like arranging broadband can be a nightmare, similarly changing utility providers. Ariadna just remove the hassle”

Mr X – Chelsea